AFOPA is an indigenous not-for-profit organization, set-up to empower the communities of Ohaji in Ohaji/Egbema local government Area of Imo State, Nigeria, West Africa by providing them access to resources and opportunities that can help them achieve financial freedom, personal safety and self-development.

Ohaji-Egbema is an oil-rich Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters is Mmahu-Egbema. It has an area of 890 km² and a population of over 182,538. AFOPA is specifically set up to unit people of Ohaji indigens living outside Nigeria.

The Ohaji communities have experienced decades of deprivation, poverty, violence, political neglect, with many suffering from the lowest global-human level of poverty, hunger and even lose their lives to a very mere illnesses can be easily treated for less than a dollar. We work with the world’s leading charitable agencies and donors, to facilitate the progress of the Ohaji communities, through financial aids, upskilling/re-skilling, medical assistance, mechanised agriculture and education.

Partner with us and help Ohaji communities succeed

The AFOPA owes its gratitude to our partners for the progress we have made in our mission to empower the Ohaji communities. We work with local charities, Governmental agencies and companies, in addition to international not-for-profit & for-profit ventures, humanitarian groups, foreign embassies/Governments and associations, to provide aid, food, water, education, medicines and training to the Ohaji communities.

Now more than ever, the world needs moral leadership – egalitarian crusaders who can help create a world where everyone is welcome. We invite organizations who are passionate about creating a change and contributing to the welfare of indigenous communities, to partner with us. By partnering with  AFOPA you can help better the lives of the Ohaji communities by offering them a hopeful and secure future that allows them to blossom and shine.

Volunteer and be part of the change

AFOPA invites individuals who are passionate about community work, to join our ranks and usher in a positive change for the  Ohaji community. We are always looking for bright and dedicated change-makers who can contribute at the grassroots level, in the fields of:

  • Teaching & training
  • On-site medical/dental/mental health care 
  • Homestead construction & rehabilitation of displaced members
  • Community outreach & human rights awareness
  • Sponsorships & PR
  • Project management

Fill in the application form to apply.

Upcoming projects

AFOPA constantly strives to facilitate the betterment of the Ohaji communities through planned outreach programs and community development. Some of the proposed projects for the year 2021-2022 are:

  • [Mechanised Agriculture – Tractors. Tools and equipment]
  • [Setting up of food processing plants- casava, yam, etc]
  • [Setting up of Modern medical laboratories]
  • [Setting up of children and youth enrichment centres]
  • [Free medical and food supplies to various communities]
  • [Free clothing and protective supplies to school children and nursing mothers]

If you wish to partner with us or volunteer for any of our proposed projects, contact AFOPA on []

Exhibitions & events

AFOPA has successfully organized [X] exhibitions about the real-life experiences of the [community]. These exhibitions strive to create awareness about the realities of the [community] through candid photographs, videos and survivor testimonies. Funds raised through these exhibitions are contributed to the various outreach/developmental programs we run for the empowerment of the Ohaji communities.

We also organize and co-host multiple international events with other for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, to spread the message about the [community]. You can keep track of upcoming events here.

Annual meetings

AFOPA organizes its annual meetings/conferences in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa at varying international locationseach year. We regularly hold regional conferences in branches across the worldto reflect on the needs of the Ohaji communities and assess the progress we have achieved. All Board members, team members and partners are invited to attend these meetings and share their inputs.

Vision & mission

Mission: To provide men, women and children of the Ohaji communities a voice. To offer opportunities for personal development and advancement in an environment free of corruption, bureaucracy, bigotry and gender bias.

Vision: To help the Ohaji communities overcome decades of deprivation, poverty, conflict and displacement, through economic freedom, knowledge enhancement, increased personal safety and equitable opportunities.


  • To restore dignity of life to the men, women and children of the Ohaji  
  • To rehabilitate displaced individuals in a safe environment, which is accessible to resources.
  • To provide medical assistance to individuals who need immediate care.
  • To help victims of violence manage their trauma.
  • To close the disparity between genders with regards to access to education, healthcare and job opportunities. 
  • To make community members employable through skills training (adults) and education (children).
  • To create awareness about fundamental human rights and encourage community participation
  • To improve agricultural produce of the Ohaji people through education and supplies of state of the art agricultural technologies

Latest news

Keep up with our latest developments here on our blog:

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Would you like to contribute to our mission to uplift the Ohaji communities?  AFOPA invites donations in both kind and cash.

  • You can contribute a one-time fixed amount here.
  • Make monthly donations here.
  • Donate clothes, computers, vans, tractors, food, books, toys, medicines, work tools etc. here.

We accept donations through mail (cheque), PayPal, [other modes]. Donations in kind can be mailed to us at [address list;, UK- Kemp House, 152 -160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, USA…..].